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-- 8 décember to Lyon, Party of the lights....          

Fourvière basilica

Origin of December 8th in Lyon
Some authors claimed that at the IX century on the ruins of the forum of Trajan, there would have been a sanctuary on (the forum vetus) from where the name of Fourvière.

But of the evidence attest that it is at the XII century that one raised on the hill of Fourvière a sanctuary dedicated to the virgin.

The vault was raised of its ruins after the passage of the Protestants.

At the time of the plague of 1643, the provost of the merchants and the aldermen made wish of going each year, on September 8, with the sanctuary of Fourvière” to lay out dictates it virgin to receive in his particular protection dictates it city” as of the XVII century the pilgrims tributary with Fourvière.

Then it fell to the hands from the priests swearers in 1796 and returned to the worship in 1804, by the pope Pie VII, during his stay in Lyon.

In 1852, one completed in Lyon the rebuilding of the bell-tower of the vault of Fourvière.
At the top of the building, was to be a statue of gilded bronze the Virgin Mary carried out by the Fabish sculptor. She was to be inaugurated on September 8, but a flood in the workshop of the founder delayed the ceremony at December 8, another festival of the Virgin, that of the Immaculate Conception.

This December 8, 1852 of the fireworks were envisaged, but a torrential rain fell down on the city. With fallen the night, the sky is cleared up and the rain stopped. “Suddenly appear with some unknown windows of the lines of fire… The city had blazed up in one moment. Soon, there did not remain any more, on the vast one extended from the quays, the streets, the ignored passages and the invisible courses, any obscure window. The small merchants illuminated their huts, their cars and to the kerbs of the pavements… 

Some Bengal lights ignited on the roofs. The new statue of the Virgin of the vault of Fourvière, appears and the large bell of Jean Saint sounds with any flight. At eight o'clock in the evening, the whole population was in the street, circulating, peaceful, merry and tenderized. One would be the hand without knowing, one sang canticles, one applauded, one shouted: “Marie Lives! ” The foreigners did not return from there from their surprise and the Lyoneses, very filled that they were of this improvised festival, wondered how, in one moment, a population of three hundred and thousand hearts could have been seized by the same thought ".



One night the transitory event became institution. One prepared carefully the illuminations of 1853. As for those of 1854, they were a triumph, because they coincided with the proclamation by the Pope, in Rome, of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. The Lyoneses had the pride of the precursors.

Since, each year, the evening of December 8, the Lyoneses illuminate their city for the festival of the Immaculate Conception.
Since 1989 the initial spontaneous festival is accompanied by the animations suggested by the municipality by the city and the professionals by the spectacle, which are spread out over several days. In complement to the hundreds of thousands of candle ends on the windows of many frontages as support with spectacles of lights all are used the more beautiful and vertiginous ones that the others. This festival takes an international dimension and attracts several million spectators each year.

Southern Heavent, the living room of the professionals of the event, organized, on March 29, 2007 with the Palate of the Festivals of Cannes, the first edition of the trophies of the event. The Festival of the Lights of Lyon was seen decreeing the trophy of the 'best event General public 2006!
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Some photographs

Fountain of Jacobains in polychromy

The fountain of the place of the jacobains presented in polycrhomy

Celebrates lights in Lyon

Illuminated streets

The street of the Republic


The hill of Fourvière

Cathedral Jean Saint draped of image

Cathedral Saint Jean

The city wth  shimmerings colors

Station Saint Paul

Radiant Holy Fourvière basilica and cathedral Jean of thousand fires in middle of the night

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