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-- Visite without moderation ... Fourvière --          

Fourvière the Mysterious one, his Basilica and its vault...

Monument impossible to circumvent, mark bench for the Lyoneses, point of passage for the pilgrims. Not to pass not by here without “going there to see, outside, inside and in all the recesses”

You will be surprised sight.


Panorama Lyon.


 All agglomeration with your feet and for framework, with a little chance, all the "Alpes"at the horizon and even the White Mount.


Then you will be led on the ways which lead to discovered this Basilica on the hidden direction that its architect Pierre Bossan wanted to give him (that Sainte Marie Perrin will continue).


The basilica is a Work total of A this Architect that the priest of ars knew to convert. (That of ars. yes the famous priest of Ars which the devil drew by the feet).Many Lyons artists there taken part is his realization.
The discovery of the interior will transport you towards another world and will carry you the time of a visit in the mysterious course of a basilica dedicated to Marie in thanks of a wish made by the Lyoneses to protect their city.


The small primitive vault, place of meditation will point out to you the 1st wish of the aldermen of Lyon, the black virgin and at her top…. The gilded virgin…


And still a little further ...... discover the hidden part of the Basilica of Fourvière.

Look at also our Slide Show opposite .



 Basilica Fourvière



Fourvière interior

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