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-- Visit witout moderation ...  Aldermen to the famous inhabitants of Lyon.... --          

Women and men who marked ....

Stroll on the steps of the aldermen of Fourvière, whom they made build, in the primatiale saint Jean which saw them praying during the Marriage of Henri IV, we traboulerons on their steps, and we shall stop(arrest) on the life of these notables of Lyon, which lived in the district of old Lyon, they governed, were lawyers, judges or silk traders, were built luxurious apartments pulling(entailing) the Italian bankers in their continuation (Gadagnes, and Medici), we shall cross the Saône, to perceive the district which they made build to be able to steer in their way. We shall stop(arrest) under the windows of the fresco of the inhabitants of Lyon….Look at also our Slide Show opposite


 Guignol, Jacquard, Frères lumière, Saintt Exupéry, San Antonio,

 Hommes célèbres




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