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To feed out of pure water, an art of living for the Romans ...


This course will enable you to see and include/understand the difficulties overcome by the Romans to obtain a hydraulic system without common measurement with all that existed already at that time.


Why go to seek so water far, whereas it runs in bottom of the hill of Fourvière???


Certainly for the very expensive purity in Romains, to see Vitruve in book VIII chapter V of its work 10 books of architecture (translation of Perrault in 1684)


We will show you the elements etentiels this work which includes/understands 136 of them on its 85 km of St Chamond in Lyon Fourvière (34 bridges, 11 tunnels, 4 siphons, of the chambers inspection, sliced, the walls, arches etc…). This work is not only, of other bringing the water of the hills of the gold mount also make parties total infrastructure .


Our guide will bring you on the principal sites, they will explain you the reasons of these constructions and the techniques of realization.


Ahead taste, some photograph of this course. Look at also our Slide Show opposite .


 Saint Maurice sur Dargoire



 Map of Romains acqueducs





 Place of Trion


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