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-- Visit without modération ... Medieval Pilat  --          

Religious war, crusade, Knight Templars, Pilat possesses a history(story) loaded with legends and events...

We suggest you through our ballads with theme diving into a distant past, but rich in event. We shall make you discover Pilat under its facet medieval where the border between legend and reality often becomes confused.

We shall take you on the sites where the irrefutable tracks of this history or this stories, remain still engraved in the stone pierre.

The most mattering being St Croix's site in Jarez with Béatrix de Roussillon's history / legend having for consequence the construction from February 14th, 1280 of the Chartreuse and all which ensued from it.

We shall take you to see these small chapels lost in the mountain in the middle of wood as St Madeleine's chapel, or St Lazare's chapel,

You will visit these villages strengthened, hung  on the slopes of Pilat as on Malleval with the salt tax, the house of the justice, the house of the hung.

Or these hamlets possessing farm buildings strengthened by the Knight Templars of period.

But still churches possessing in the walls of the sculptures of figurines and animals of which we indeed wonder nowadays their meaning and what they make hung on a church..

We shall accompany you on all places and shall share with you our glance of this history of Pilat.

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Saint Sabin



St Croix en Jarez


 Sainte Madelaine

 Ferme fortifiée du Pilat

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