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The pilgrimag of Santiago de Compostela is a catholic pélerinage, the purpose of which is the legendary grave of the holy apostle Jacques, Jacques le Majeur, situated in the crypt of Saint Jacques de-Compostelle's cathedral in Galicia (Spain). The pilgrimage of Compostelle counts among three more important pilgrimages of the Christendom after Jerusalem and Rome. But it is only after the grip of Grenada in 1492, under the reign of Kings Catholics, Ferdinand d' Aragon and Isabelle the Catholic, that Pope Alexandre VI (Rodrigo Borgia, pope from 1492 till 1503) declared that Santiago de Compostela was, with Rome and Jerusalem, one of " three big pilgrimages of the Christendom ". The roads of Santiago de Compostela were declared in 1987 first cultural route of the Council of Europe. In 1984, the Committee of the Culture had proposed an action in favour of all the routes of pilgrimage. But the Spanish lobbying took the decision.. (Spring Wikipédia)

Our comment here is not to make a documentary on the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela but just man to give some indications to the pilgrims of the road between Geneva and the Volcanic hill on the stage says Bourg-Argental.

For this last stage of the Way Gebennensis, on the track of the German and Helvetian pilgrims, you cross the Regional Natural reserve of Pilat. For centuries, these roads were borrowed by pilgrims and walkers. By these paths steeped in history you arrive at the term of your hike to the Volcanic hill in Velay. It is the cathedral Notre-Dame of the Volcanic hill, perched on its volcanic hook, that Godescalc, bishop of the Volcanic hill left for Santiago de Compostela. He was the first not Spanish pilgrim to make the pilgrimage in 950. It is here that begin via Podiensis.


Stage Bourg-Argental:   Balisage Chemin de Saint Jacques de Compostelle

The GR65 (route of Geneva in Puy-en-Velay) arrives of the department of Isère, crosses the Rhône to Chavanay, to enter the regional Natural reserve of Pilat. This portion of the road Saint Jacques maybe split into 4 stages from 2 am till 4:30 am. The beaconing to be followed is the one of a red and white classic GR :


From Chavanay to Bessey 6.5 Km 2 h.        Chavannay

The vineyard marks profoundly the landscape and a shell on a vault invites the pilgrim to taste the best regional vintage wines. Quickly the route gains the hillside in passing near the chapel of the Calvary restored recently by the association of the friends of St Jacques.

 La Chapelle du Calvaire             Les côteaux à Chavannay Chemin des pèlerins

From Bessey to St Julien Molin Molette 12 Km 4 h

The path crosses the village of Bessey, to note that in the chorus of the church a stained glass represents St Jacques. Orchards make now left the decoration and accompany the walker up to St Blandine's cross, situated on the municipality of St Appolinard, in 693 m of height the site offers some tables of picnic and a very beautiful view on the valley of the Rhône By a forest track and a small road it is St Julien Molin Molette whom we join.


Croix de Sainte Blandine

( It is in this stage that you will find our bed and breakfast at the level of Maclas in the said place the Bush you will find the direction of véranne)

From St Julien Molin Molette to Bourg Argental 7 Km 2 h

St Julien Molin Molette's village owes its name to grindstones and mills which a long time made the numerous textile companies of the municipality turn, these factories today abandoned were transformed into artist studioes.


Another hill to cross in passing near curious garden of the Calvary and it is the arrival to Village Argental administrative center of canton of 3500 inhabitants

" The Small Garden " is on the Road of Santiago de Compostela

From Bourg Argental to Tracol 14 Km 4 h 30

It is the former railroad which leads the walker of Village Argental to St Sauveur's village in street then at feet of bit of Taillard which it will be necessary to cross to join Tracol and pursue its road on the high Loire

Tracol, Height 1023 m is the collar which separates the Loire of the Haute-Loire and thus the region Rhône-Alpes of the region Auvergne. We wish you good road of Santiago de Compostela in the pursuit of your Quest..

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