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On August 12th, 2013, Taking advantage at night of stars, To the sources(springs) of Lugus organized an evening of initiation into the astronomy. The time(weather) being of the part(party) we were able to look at falling stars, approximately about ten.

Then a learning(apprenticeship) in the gratitude(recognition) of the constellations was made. We observed the most known as the Great Bear and all the others visible as the Scorpio the Sagittarius, Cassiopé, the eagle etc....

Then our guests were able to treat(manipulate) the telescope " Sky Watcher of 254mm " provided to them to look at Saturn and at its rings and the galaxy of Andromède our closest neighbor at the sense(direction) Galaxy...


Soirée Astronomie

It was a great pleasure for everybody to have the head in stars and to learn to roam in the cosmos helped by our guide Stellarium

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On Friday, August 30th, 2013, What's to be done in our campaigns(countrysides)? Simply move and go to listen to local artists.. Of magnificent singers, with beautiful songs of their composition and be allowed carry(wear) by them melodies and their dreams..... Make as us.... Go to listen to them... This below 3 small extracts which you will find on their site... Very good evening.

café crème

Café Crème                                 Hey Hey                         Le petit Chanteur

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On Saturday, June 29th, 2013 our hosts were able to take advantage of a visit organized by l " association faces of our Pilat on two main themes; The visit of the museum of the bargemen to Serrières and the visit of the Domain Boissonnet with its old cellars of + 400 years by way of the history(story) and the architectural heritage of Serrières which was told us by Louis Boissonnet.

SERRIERES Its wine-making history and its Heritage

While walking in Serrières Louis Boissonnet's alleys it is applied to make us discover the evolution of this city since the time Romain until our days. The place of hurdy-gurdy hôspices with its chapel, the half-timbered houses the square of Tromph "Fountain" and the important story of the construction of the first suspension bridge who allowed Serrièrois to cross the Rhône in a few minutes instead of several hours.


Serrières city soaked(filled) by the life of the bargemen having a hard life and put rhythm by whim of the river king " the rhône ". To understand(include) the difficulty of this life it is enough to look attentively at the picture(board) of Dubuisson XVIIIème century showing the harness of horses making "goes back up"("raises") her(it) boats on the Rhône between Valencia(Valence) and Tournon. The visit of the museum allows us through the objects of exposition to understand(include) better this life and these various jobs(businesses) bound(connected) to the river. Fishermen, boatmen (drivers of tubs(ferries,high school diplomas)), radeliers (bargemen leading(driving) wooden rafts), picklocks (men(people) loading(charging) and unloading(unburdening) the goods on quays(platforms)), fustiers (carpenters of navy(marine)), muleteers, smugglers and " pirates of the Rhône " (secret fishermen), ropemaker, etc.


The cross of the bargemen



In this century or everything goes fast and faster and faster it is good, from time to time, to stop to be next to the characters who knew how to remain simple, feet on earth close to the feeder nature.... It is the case of Frédéric Boissonnet, wine grower, who explains us his job, I shall more tell its passion and its talent to understand the vineyard(vine). How to work it, guide it, to spoil it so that it gives us some is years and the weather report this nectar so sensitive to our papillae which we name St Joseph or Condrieu. Frédéric Boissonnet welcomes us with all his user-friendliness and shows us his domain.House and cellar dating 1600s, outside(terrace) vineyard then takes us in room of tasting to appreciate all aromas of wall up, blackcurrant, spices for red wines and white peach, apricot for the Condrieu white wine. We deeply thank Frédéric Boissonnet for his welcome as well as Faces of our Pilat for the organization of this day. Our hosts were delighted.

  ( Definition of Frédéric Boissonnet) What a good bottle?....

It is the one that we finished enter friend for a good moment of user-friendliness..

Domaine Boissonet Dégustation

Tasting between friends

Cave Domaine BoissonnetCave Domaine Boissonnet

Former cellars or the wine takes with patience its maturity.

Cave Domaine Boissonnet

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On Friday, 21 and Sunday, 23 june 2013,  our hosts were able to take advantage of the music festival. Locally on Maclas and saint Appolinard some concerts were organized and we were able to attend very good representations of the local groups. As White coffee of MAclas, The choir of Pélussin and the group Tann to saint Appolinard

TANN meant Oak, in Gaul...

An Oak in the Roots which draw its melodies from the source of the Breton and Irish tones.

An Oak in the bark hardens by the flabbergasted Winds of the Rock and to the ramifications which extend so much over the songs of other than on his.

The Musicians of TANN have a walk gladly in the sound landscapes which offer the Celtic melodies of Ireland and Brittany, as well as the rhythms of Country music and the peaceful Rock...

To prepare their hearing hikes, they equipped themselves with Guitars, with Violins, with a Banjo, with Harmonicas, with a Vièle with Wheel, with a Battery and with Vocal cords to catch the Singing of the Creatures which populate these Territories...   For find them      For listen to a small extract.

Groupe Tann

Groupe Tann

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This weekend in June 1st, 2013 our host Sophie and Alain were able to take advantage of an exceptional evening of parties.. Almost made for them.. Indeed we were able to take them to the party(holiday) of the Lake of nearby Maclas village. Party(holiday) organized by the events committee on the theme of the Bretons to Maclas..

Everything was planned so that everybody finds his account with the good weather there which it was invited. The inflatable animations for the children, with the wooden Breton games. Walk around the Lake on the local donkeys. The Breton dances directly in the street in the sound of the bagpipes and of bombards her(it) The Celtic dances realized by the association Irish Tap&Dance .. All this accompanied with the refreshment room and with the meal on the grass with pig in the huge barbecue, the crêpes(pancakes) Bretons, Cider Beer.

.                                    cochon.jpg

Then the day it is ended with the traditional fireworks and the Ball for young and less young... Long live success for everybody who returned tired well but satisfied near to return next year... But before, the sportsmen left early the following morning in the running of the Pilatrail de Véranne... What a courage!





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On Saturday, June 8th we participated in the discovered exit butterflies and dragonflies organized by the CPN the colibri and The island of the Butter. We had arranged appointment on the Island of goat on the municipality of Tupin and Semons.

We visited the big spaces in the middle of the alluvial forest of willows and poplars


To discover quite slowly dragonflies


The children learnt and discovered the transformation of the caterpillar to become butterflies.



At the end of 3 hours everybody was satisfied to have seen butterflies, dragonflies but also some birds of water as the heron to crabier.

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