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-- Visit without modération ... Remarkable stones --          

Object  of the nature or works of our ancestors the Celtic?...

 On this interrogation we dare to propose you multiple courses in the natural reserve of Pilat on foot or by car. The purpose being mainly to make you appreciate this beautiful nature with magnificent points of view on the various valleys.

The Ariadne's thread will however be to lead you from a point to other one of the park to discover stones sculptured by time to take shape of a mammoth here, a dinosaur there, etc.

More enigmatic still we shall show you the wealth of Pilat in megalith; the Menhir of Flat, the stones with St Sabin's cupules, The rocks of Marlin and its stone which sings, the stone sun, or its stony thrones which reminds us that can be druids' gatherings could be organized in the forest of Pilat.

The purpose not being to bring you answers, but quite the reverse to leave you pensive and inquiring on these vestiges of another time....!

Our courses will be organized according to your available time.

Look at also our Slide Show opposite .

The stone which sings




 Menhir of Flat

 Stone partner Menhir of Flat



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